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Advocacy & Training

Advocacy is an important aspect of the work done by the Refugee Rights Unit. Refugees fleeing war or persecution are often in a very vulnerable situation. They have no protection from their own state and can easily be victimized, marginalized and robbed of their fundamental rights in the country of asylum.  Continued advocacy is a powerful tool which ensures that all refugees enjoy a meaningful and dignified experience of asylum in South Africa.


The Refugee Rights Unit is involved in the following types of advocacy:

  • Liaising with Parliamentary Portfolio Committees;
  • Delivering commentary on proposed legislation or amendments to legislation affecting refugees;
  • Media outreach;
  • Guest speakers;
  • Expert technical advice to various stakeholders including UNHCR;
  • Participation in UNHCR pre-excom , national and regional planning meetings;
  • Membership of local (Western Cape Forum), national (CORMSA), and international (SRLAN) bodies.

Development of educational and training material:

  • Information booklet for refugees 'survival guide for refugees in cape town';
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures for social workers;
  • Children's right booklet;
  • Detention information;

Training is inherently part of advocacy
(See home page for upcoming training)

Training completed:

  • Magistrates
  • CCMA commissioners
  • Police
  • Department of Home Affairs (RSDO’s)
  • NGOs
  • Legal Aid South Africa
  • Para–legals