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Clinical Work

The Refugee Rights Clinic is a law clinic registered with the Cape Law Society.  We provide free legal services to refugees and asylum seekers in the Western Cape. The Clinic is professionally staffed by a team of Attorneys and Candidate Attorneys. Senior students from the UCT law faculty and visiting interns from around the world also assist the clinic in its work.  

The Refugee Rights Clinic is situated at the UCT Middle Campus, Law faculty, Rondebosch, Level 3, Room 3.05.

Consultations are by appointment only:
Appointments may be made by calling 021 650 5581 OR by email - (Urgent matters require no appointment).

The Clinic’s hours are 08:30 to 16:30, Monday to Friday and closed every day for lunch (13:00 to 14:00); however, consultations with clients are conducted Monday to Thursday from 08:30 until 13:00 only.

The services provided include legal assistance throughout the entire asylum application process.  All documentation issues are addressed.  Refugees and asylum seekers are also assisted to access rights. Any rights violation will be addressed:  in addition, the law clinic assists UNHCR in their Voluntary Repatriation Programme.

Specific services include:

-    access to application

Documentation issues
-    Lost documents
-    Expired documents
-    Errors on document

Rejections of status
-    Appeal affidavits
-    Representation at appeals before the Refugee Appeal Board
-    Written representations to the Standing Committee
-    Judicial reviews in the High Court

Family joinings
-    Application for derivative status
-    Children’s court enquiries

-    Unaccompanied minors
-    Separated children
-    Access to schools
-    Joining parents

Socio-economic rights
-    Labour
-    Education
-    Health care
-    Rental/ evictions
-    Banking
-    Etc.

Civil rights
-    Access to justice
-    Rights to dignity
-    Equality.

Durable solutions
-    Permanent Residence Applications
-    Voluntary repatriation applications to UNHCR
-    Stranded migrant applications to IOM
-    Protection concerns.